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Join Imm-Bits ™ with Robyn, a free Facebook based training and discussion program located here. There are no membership fees for this service.  Also join us on the ImmSeminars website for a special, recorded version of Imm-Bits.


Need a little one on one consulting?  Many training programs don't have the luxury of addressing case-specific issues.  This will bridge the gap.  Click the photo for pricing and subject matter.


Join group training programs starting in September, 2018.  These training programs delve much deeper into the subject matter than your IPP ever did.  The training will give you a much more comprehensive understanding of immigration processes.  Also, consider pairing these programs with the related Case Study Training for best results. Click the photo for registration dates and pricing.


Is the academic portion of learning not enough?  These case study based training programs pair nicely with the training programs noted above in the Online Training, and will give you some good simulated experience in the subject matter.  For best results, it is highly recommended that you take the two programs together. Warning:  these are not for the faint of heart.  Click the photo for pricing, subject matter and dates.


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One on One Consulting

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