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Be sure to check out our exclusive introductory deals at the bottom of the page!

Online Training Programs


We have established three training programs to start in September 2018.  The training portion is delivered online.  It is highly recommended that you attend the live sessions, though if you are not able to do so, the recordings will be made available to you. 

Include in the training is exclusive membership to a private FaceBook group for active discussion regarding the content of the training material.

For best results, it is highly recommended you also consider the Case Study training along with this training.

September 4, 2018:  Cancellled until January, 2019


September 13, 2018:  Spouse and Common law Partner Applications.  This is a 6 week training program that will go deeper into how to assess and present your client's applications.  

Maximum of 12 students per session.

Introductory registration fee of $1200 per student.  Payment plans are available. Contact us at for payment details.


September 12, 2018:  Student and Post Graduation Work Permit Stream Applications.  This is an 8 week training program that will take a close look at how to approach study permit applications with the PGWP applications in mind.  

Maximum of 12 students per session.

Introductory registration fee of $1600 per student.  Payment plans are available.  Contact us at for payment details.

Case Study

Be sure to check out our exclusive introductory deals at the bottom of the page!

Case Study Training


All the training in the world is meaningless if the concepts cannot be applied to real world situations.

These programs use complex case studies to assist in the learning of the concepts taught in the online training programs.  These case studies are not compulsory to the online training, and they can be taken independently as well.  For best results, however, we recommend this program be taken along with the online training.

This training is not for the faint of heart.  Our unique training methods include an interactive component to the case study, and assessment of your final project by former IRCC officers.  This gives a real-world experience without taking the risks on a real client file.

One on One Consultation Packages

  • Foreign Skilled Worker

  • Canada Experience Class

  • Spouse/Common-Law sponsorship

  • Study Permit/PGWP

The introductory fee is $1000 per case study.  Payment plans are available.  Please contact us at for payment details.

The training packages above are definitely worth the fees.  Sometimes, though, you might just need a bit of guidance on situations that are either general or case specific.

Check out our one on one consultation packages and choose the one that suits you best!

  • One hour pre-paid package   $200.00

  • 5 hour pre-paid package   $875.00


Once payment is received, you will be given access to our self-serve sign up calendar.  When you need help, simply sign up for a preferred time slot and that's it!

August/September 2018 Introductory Offers

  • The first two students to register in each program, and to submit the payment in full, are eligible for a 25% discount on each program.

  • Any student registering for more than one program, is eligible for a 10% discount on all programs.

  • Any student referring other registered and paid students for any program is eligible for a 10% rebate toward any one training program per referral.  There is no cap to this offer.

Other Items of Note:

  • No refunds for Online Training programs or Case Study Training packages once the training has begun.

  • Refunds on any programs are subject to an administration fee.  These fees vary per program and are outlined in the registration contracts

  • There will be no training classes during the week of the CAPIC National Citizenship & Immigration Conference in October.

  • Should any classes fall on statutory holidays, they will be held at an alternate time to be announced.

  • Fees do not include GST.

For any questions about any of the programs, please send an email to:

One on One
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